Appearances Abyss Odyssey

The Bautas are Venetian men wearing grotesque masks and black capes. They are forbidden from wielding blades, for their concealed face might grant them the ability to assassinate their fellow man without being identified. The Warlock dreamt of a bauta wielding a poison-tipped dagger and possessed murderous intent. As he approached the Warlock, the bauta's cape blocked out the sky until, soon after, all went dark. The Warlock wrote that he will never forget the pain of waking up to the cold, sharp steel tip of his dagger.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A downward-angled stab with the sword. Hard to dodge while level with the Bauta.

Forward Attack - The Bauta steps forward and swings the sword across his torso, and steps back to his original position.

Up Attack - A 180 degree upward leg-kick.

Down Attack - While crouching, the Bauta swings his sword to perform a leg-sweep.

Neutral Special - The Bauta jumps and swing-kicks his leg. Potential to combo x2.

Up Special - The Bauta tosses a dagger. Distance and trajectory proportional to duration of button press.

Down Special - The Bauta pivots forward, similarly to a dodge, and stabs his opponent three times (a low, medium, and high strike).

Jump Attack - The Bauta swings his sword around him in a double-spiral.

Jump Forward Attack - The A downward sword swing, almost a half-spiral.

Jump Up Attack - A direct stab upward.

Jump Down Attack - The Bauta swings his sword in a 180 degree slash below him.

Notes Edit

The Bauta is one of the fastest and most agile characters in the game. He can move around the field remarkably fast and several of his moves actually involve him moving to increase the range, before moving back to avoid getting countered. For these reasons, despite his average health, the Bauta is easily an upper-tier character when wielded by someone experienced.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bauta wields his sword in a stance known as the Hanging Point, allowing for unconventional but very effective offensive strikes and defensive maneuvers.
  • The Bauta Mask is a mask traditionally worn at the Carnival of Venice.

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