Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Ekeko is a man, a creation of the Warlock, that is encountered in the Abyss. He sells various items, such as weapons, spare monster souls, rings, bracelets and necklaces, both mana and health potions (of various sizes), Camp Tokens (of all three sizes), and can also be fought for a chance to capture his soul and some EXP.

Background Edit

The Ekeko is the Andean god for fortune and prosperity. He is often depicted holding many bags and baskets full of equipment, food and grain, various household objects, currency, and generally anything one would want or need to have or live a comfortable and prosperous life. His idols can be found as small statues for in or around the house, amulets for necklaces and keychains, and modern statues used for tributes or sacrifices. The tradition is if you have the Ekeko "smoke" a lit cigarette, you will receive a year of prosperity.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A downward slash.

Neutral Attack (reapeated) - After the downward slash, Ekeko will stab the opponent.

Forward Attack - Ekeko outstretches his arm to stab further.

Up Attack - Ekeko swings his arm backwards, backhanding his opponent.

Down Attack - Ekeko crouches and stabs at his opponent's feet.

Neutral Special - Ekeko expels a blue, bouncing ball of flame from his hand. Ignites enemy if connects. No cooldown. Trajectory and distance proportional to duration of button press.

Up Special - Ekeko jumps and swings downward behind him in a nearly 180-degree slash.

Down Special - Ekeko tosses a knife upward. Trajectory and distance proportional to duration of button press.

Jump Attack - Ekeko swings his sword upward.

Jump Forward Attack - Ekeko will stab his sword downwards diagonally.

Jump Backward Attack - Ekeko kicks behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Ekeko stabs directly above him.

Jump Down Attack - Ekeko plunges the sword downward, increasing his fall speed.

Trivia Edit

  • Ekeko is the only character to have two distinct projectile attacks.
  • Defeating him will award the achievement "Thief".

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