Appearances Abyss Odyssey

The Firefighters comprise the backup fighting force of the Chilean expedition into the Abyss. They provide support to Ghost Monk, taking his place if he dies. The Firefighter is not able to use any items, but can carry the items that the player character dropped upon death. If a Firefighter successfully makes it to an altar, Ghost Monk will be revived. For Katrien and Pincoya, the Soldier and the Officer (respectively) take the Firefighter's place instead.

If the player has a camp token on an altar, every few encounters, one or more soldiers, firefighters, or officers will come to aid the player in battle.

Soldiers also appear as npcs who offer conversation. Wounded soldiers in the Abyss will give random loot when interacted with.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A forward-facing axe swing.

Forward Attack - Firefighter slams his axe downward, sending his opponent far backward.

Up Attack - A 180 degree upward swing.

Down Attack - Firefighter crouches and slashes his axe horizontally.

Neutral Special - A shotgun blast that has a high, medium, and low hit. Potential to combo x3.

Up Special - Firefighter knee-kicks into the air.

Down Special - Firefighter crouches and kick-slides forward.

Jump Attack - Firefighter kicks his leg outward.

Jump Forward Attack - Firefighter swings axe in a downward slash.

Jump Backward Attack - Firefighter kicks behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Firefighter swings axe above his head.

Jump Down Attack - Firefighter swings his axe downward in front of him.

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