Ghost Monk
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Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Voice actor Unknown

Ghost Monk is one of the three main playable characters in Abyss Odyssey.

To unlock him, the player must defeat one of the minibosses in the Abyss: Nightmare Katrien, Nightmare Monk, Nightmare Pincoya, or Verbum Dei.

The Ghost Monk uses Two-handed weapons, and is unable to equip any other type of weapon.


The Ghost Monk is the physical embodiment of all who have perished in the Abyss.


Neutral Attack - A downward swing in front. Can be double for a potential x2 combo.

Forward Attack - Ghost Monk steps forward and slams his sword down, sending his enemies backward.

Up Attack - Ghost Monk swings his sword above him and twirls it. Hits enemies backwards and functions as anti-air.

Down Attack - Ghost Monk will wedge his sword under his opponent and then swing up, sending them up in the air.

Jump Attack - A simple forward kick.

Jump Forward Attack - Ghost Monk slashes down in front of him.

Jump Backward Attack - Ghost Monk slashes behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Ghost Monk twirls his sword above him.

Jump Down Attack - Ghost Monk kicks downward increasing his fall speed.


  • The Ghost Monk embodies all those who have perished in the Abyss, yet the Undead Soldiers also form from the Chilean soldiers. This is because the dead soldiers' souls become part of the Monk, but the images of the soldiers are recreated by the Warlock's nightmares to fight the expedition.