Appearances Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, Abyss Odyssey
Level Infinite (cannot be captured)

Kax-Teh, The Golem (also known as The Golem of the North) is a main character in Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2, serving as one of the main antagonists in the latter game. In Abyss Odyssey, the Golem is a boss and playable character.

The Golem cannot be unlocked through normal soul-capture, because his level is infinite. Instead, people who own Zeno Clash 2 or the Abyss Odyssey Soundtrack will automatically unlock him.



Neutral Attack - Kax-Teh swings his hammer forwards.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - Kax-Teh swings his hammer forwards, then draws it back (2x combo).

Forward Attack - Kax-Teh lunges forward, striking with his hammer.

Up Attack - Kax-Teh raises his hammer up and smashes the ground (3 hits - the action of raising the hammer also does damage).

Down Attack - Kax-Teh twirls his hammer, knocking up enemies (3 hits).

Special Attack - Kax-Teh charges forward and strikes with his hammer.

Special Up Attack - Kax-Teh draws energy from his gauntlet, temporarily reflecting all damage that hits him.

Special Down Attack - Kax-Teh punches the ground with his gauntlet, creating a shockwave.

Jump Neutral Attack - Kax-Teh strikes diagonally downwards with his leg.

Jump Forward Attack - Kax-Teh swings his hammer upwards.

Jump Backward Attack - Kax-Teh thrusts both of his legs diagonally downwards.

Jump Up Attack - Kax-Teh swings his hammer in an arc above him.

Jump Down Attack - Kax-Teh draws his legs towards himself, increasing his fall speed.


  • Sharing his soul with someone in-game will grant them use of the Golem only for that game - they will not unlock the Golem unless they own ZC2 or the AO Soundtrack.
  • Like Verbum Dei, Kax-Teh has his own unique scene for his boss fight; his throne at the End of the World from Zeno Clash.


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