Living Creature
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 45

The Living Creature is a mini-boss which appears randomly when the player returns to the starting area (either through dying or defeating the Warlock). Defeating it unlocks the achievement "Lion Tamer".

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Living Creature scratches with his paw.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - Living Creature scratches with his paw, then follows up with the other paw.

Forward Attack - Living Creature headbutts enemy, sending them flying backwards.

Up Attack - Living Creature swings his head up, impaling his enemy on his crown and lifting them off their feet.

Down Attack - Living Creature lunges at his enemy, sending them flying backwards.

Neutral Special - Living Creature launches a fireball out of his mouth, similar to Katrien's. Ignites if it connects. No cooldown.

Up Special - Living Creature tosses his enemy up and then slashes him down with both claws. Potential to combo x3.

Down Special - Living Creature pulls his wings down, then swings them upwards, knocking enemies.

Jump Attack - While airborne, Living Creature will strike down in front of him with his wings.

Jump Forward Attack - Living Creature slashes with his paws.

Jump Backward Attack - Living Creature kicks out his hind legs behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Living Creature will headbutt upwards.

Jump Down Attack - Living Creature will slam down below him.

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