Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 5

Lesser known than Egyptian mummies, Chinchorro mummification consisted of several different techniques due to their differing climate. The red mummy technique used incisions in the body to remove organs and moisture instead of deconstruction and reassembly of the body. The head was severed so the brain could be removed, and the skin was later pasted back on. The body was packed with various materials to return it to more-appealing dimensions, like sticks. When the head was reattached, it had a wig made of human hair. A "hat" made out of black clay held the wig in place. Except for the wig and sometimes the face, everything was then painted with red ochre. It is unknown exactly why the Chinchorro mummified their remains. Some theories reason that it helped the soul survive, others that mummies provided a gateway or link to the afterlife.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A close-range double slap.

Forward Attack - A longer range slap

Up Attack - A close-range direct uppercut.

Down Attack - A downward slam.

Unique Grab - Rather than the customary upwards throw, the Mummy's grab slams the opponent behind them.

Neutral Special - The Mummy runs towards the enemy, and if the move connects, throws the enemy upwards in a grab-type fashion.

Up Special - The Mummy spits/vomits poison. Effect lasts for 5 seconds and has no cooldown. If at melee range, move can combo up to x6.

Down Special - The Mummy will punch the ground, sending out a 360 degree concussive shockwave.

Jump Neutral Attack - A bidirectional punch.

Jump Forward Attack - An over-head slam.

Jump Backward Attack - The Mummy will kick behind him and then punch.

Jump Up Attack - An airborne direct uppercut.

Jump Down Attack - A narrower-range downward slam. Can hit enemies directly under Mummy.

Trivia Edit

  • Both the Mummy and Burning Mummy appear to be crying, as if in pain.

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