Nightmare Katrien
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 30

Nightmare Katrien is one of the three main Nightmare characters. Encountered as a mini-boss at the end of some levels, her defeat will reward the player with a special skill, a weapon, the unlock of the Ghost Monk, or if captured, her soul. Apart from being larger, slower, and stronger than Katrien, Nightmare Katrien has a nearly identical moveset, with the only differences being the latter does not have swappable special abilities.

Nightmare Katrien wields one-handed swords like Katrien, but cannot swap them out when a new sword appears.

Biography Edit

Katrien was a woman who knew the Warlock before he fell asleep. After escaping from a rogue warlock's lair, the Warlock came upon the town that her family, the Janssens, lived in. They descended from pirates, and while they are ashamed to admit it, Katrien embraces it, mastering the art of fencing. This attracted the Warlock to her.

One night, Katrien discovers the Warlock's dark tome that he stole from the rogue warlock. She visits the chapel, presumably to divulge his dark arts to the clergy. The Warlock, knowing this could be the end of him, devises a spell to make Katrien forget about his craft. When she doesn't wake up, he realizes he has failed, and inadvertently murdered his beloved. He decides to escape the waking world and gives himself up to his nightmares, creating the Abyss and resurrecting Katrien along with it.

Although she is long dead, the memory of her remains with the Warlock, and just like the creatures in the Abyss, she has been summoned into reality. Katrien now fights to save Chile from the nightmares, and to stop the Warlock.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - An upward slash.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - An upward slash, followed by a downward slash, then a side slash. Potential to combo x3.

Forward Attack - A forward stab.

Up Attack - A 180 degree over-the-head slash that also sends enemies off their feet.

Down Attack - While crouching, Nightmare Katrien will kick her enemies back and off their feet.

Neutral Special - Nightmare Katrien fires a purple ball of energy that curses the enemy if it connects. No cool-down.

Down Special - Nightmare Katrien balances on her toes and spins like a top in a circular strike.

Up Special - Nightmare Katrien swings her sword up into her enemy, launching them both high into the air.

Jump Attack - A double-slash.

Jump Forward Attack - A downward stab.

Jump Backward Attack - Nightmare Katrien stabs behind her.

Jump Up Attack - Nightmare Katrien swings her sword above her head.

Jump Down Attack - Nightmare Katrien swings her sword under her.

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