Nightmare Pincoya
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 34

Nightmare Pincoya is one of the three main Nightmare characters. Encountered as a miniboss at the end of some levels, her defeat will reward the player with a special skill, a weapon, or if captured, her soul. Apart from being larger, slower, and stronger than Pincoya, Nightmare Pincoya has a nearly identical moveset, with the only differences being the latter does not have swappable special abilities.

Nightmare Pincoya wields polearms like Pincoya, but cannot swap them out when a new sword appears. 

Biography Edit

The legend of the Pincoya is a Chilean tale. Known as a female water spirit, the Pincoya is said to have long blond hair, possess magnificent beauty, be sensual and cheerful, and rise directly from the depths of the sea. She is also said to personify female fertility. She and her siblings are said to save endangered sailors when the sea gets too rough. The Pincoya is the daughter of the king of the sea, and through different rituals can manipulate the sea to her will.

Moveset Edit

Neutral attack - A close-range kick.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - A close-range kick followed by a higher one.

Forward Attack- A forward-facing jab with the halberd.

Down Attack - Nightmare Pincoya swings the halberd over her head, hitting enemies in range.

Neutral Special - Nightmare Pincoya summons a purple ball of energy that curses her enemy if it connects.

Up Special - Nightmare Pincoya balances herself on her halberd and uses it as leverage while she kicks her enemy backwards.

Down Special - Nightmare Pincoya again balances herself on her halberd as she uses it to launch herself feet first at her enemy, sending them backwards. Potential to combo x2.

Up Attack - An upward swing with the halberd. Can launch enemies airborne.

Jump Attack - Nightmare Pincoya will spin her halberd all around her in a circle.

Jump Forward Attack - Nightmare Pincoya stabs her spear downward diagonally.

Jump Backward Attack - A simple behing-the-back kick.

Jump Up Attack - Nightmare Pincoya will kick above her.

Jump Down Attack - Nightmare Pincoya will stab her halberd directly down in front of her.

Notes Edit

  • Nightmare Pincoya can be seen as permanently cursed, being slower than the default Monk, having a reduced jump height, and having the "curse" particle effect. Because of the permanent curse, she is immune to any further curse effects.

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