Abyss odyssey
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Voice actor Unknown

The Officers are commanding officers of the Chilean expedition into the Abyss. They provide support to Pincoya as her soldier counterpart, taking her place if she dies. The Officer is not able to use any items, but can carry the items that the player character dropped upon death. If an Officer successfully makes it to an altar, Pincoya will be revived. For Ghost Monk and Katrien, the Firefighter and the Soldier (respectively) take the Officer's place instead.

If the player has a camp token on an altar, every few encounters, one or more soldiers, firefighters, or officers will come to aid the player in battle.

Soldiers also appear as npcs who offer conversation. Wounded soldiers in the Abyss will give random loot when interacted with.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A close-range swing of the spear.

Forward Attack - A forward jab with the spear.

Up Attack - An upward-diagonal stab.

Down Attack - The Officer crouches and swings horizontally, leg-sweeping nearby enemies.

Neutral Special - A grenade toss. The trajectory and distance thrown can be increased by holding the special button.

Up Special - The Officer twirls his spear around 360 degrees.

Down Special - A circular ground sweep.

Jump Attack - A downward slam of the hilt.

Jump Forward Attack - The Officer lunges forward in the air, swinging his spear.

Jump Backward Attack - The Officer kicks behind him.

Jump Up Attack - A 180 degree swing above the head.

Jump Down Attack - The Officer slams his spear downward, increasing his fall speed and hitting enemies below him with the bottom of his spear.

Trivia Edit

  • The only way to unlock the Officer is to unlock Pincoya. Once Pincoya has been unlocked, the Officer will become automatically playable in the Training and Versus modes.

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