Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 37
Voice actor Keith Silverstein

Paganini is a character in Abyss Odyssey.

The location of Paganini is shown on the map as a violin symbol. He will spawn at a Warlock Altar, and will offer to give random loot in exchange for a curse. However, if the offer is taken, he will hunt the player and must be fought later on.


The Warlock's parents, sensing him to be interested in the dark arts, restricted his access any books concerning these subjects, leaving him with only encyclopedias and dictionaries. The Warlock had interest in only one individual: Niccolo Paganini. Paganini was an Italian violin virtuoso whose skills were so extraordinary he was able to continue playing with a broken violin with no effect on the sound. It was said that his skills were gifted by the Devil.

When the Warlock fell asleep, his impression of Paganini became reality. Paganini now lurks in the Abyss, attempting to rid his curses at the expense of unwary adventurers.


Neutral Attack - Paganini will step forward and swing his violin bow through the strings in a close-range slash, playing a scratched set of notes.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - After the first swing, Paganini will spin around with another swing.

Forward Attack - Paganini crouches and sprints low on the ground before swinging his bow upwards.

Up Attack - Paganini will kick his leg up then slam it down. Potential to combo x2.

Down Attack - Paganini will swing his leg all the way around him in a circular leg sweep.

Neutral Special - Paganini will perform a dash, turning into flame (purely aesthetic) and rendered completely invincible and untargetable.

Up Special - Paganini will play his iconic tune and if the move is completed, creates a circle which curses any enemy caught in it.

Down Special - An uppercut-move. Paganini spins in a spiral before hitting enemies upward.

Jump Attack - Paganini will kick his legs forward.

Jump Forward Attack - Paganini will spin kick his leg around him.

Jump Up Attack - Paganini will straighten his torso and knock enemies back.

Jump Down Attack - Paganini will kick and move diagonally downward.

Special Jump - When airborne, hitting the jump button will cause Paganini to flap his wings and jump higher, for a maximum quadruple (x4) jump.

Notes Edit

Paganini is possibly the most agile character in the game. As a tall figure, he possess long strides and moves in longer distances. Several of his attacks involve moving from his original stance, increasing his critical distance from one point. Coupled with his quadruple jump, his movement attacks allow him to traverse combat areas swiftly and travel longer distances than any other character. His combat style is as unpredictable as it is fluid and can be completely unpredictable for an opponent. This also makes Paganini challenging to master, given his attacks can be swift, slow, close-range, long-range, and movement-range.


  • Paganini is based on the Italian violin virtuoso Paganini, whose skills were so extraordinary that it was rumored he sold his soul to the devil.
  • Defeating him awards the achievement "Dance with the Devil".
  • Paganini has remarkable similarities to the One Piece character Brooke. Brooke was a musician in life like Paganini, but instead of selling his soul and life, Brook died and was resurrected by the power of a Devil Fruit he consumed. His flesh had detoriated so he was left with a skeletal body similar to Paganini. Brook's powers also allow him some connection to Hell.