Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Pudutaur swings with the butt of her halberd.

Forward Attack - Pudutaur slams her halberd down, sending her enemies flying backwards,

Up Attack - Pudutaur turns and kicks her enemy of their feet with her hind legs. Potential to combo x2.

Down Attack - Pudutaur stabs straight forward with her halberd.

Unique Grab - Pudutaur will catch her enemy on the handle of her halberd and send them flying behind her.

Neutral Special - Pudutaur spins her halberd in both hands, initiating a mid-hit, high-hit, and anti-air move. Potential to combo x4.

Up Special - Pudutaur turns and launches her weight into her hind legs, kicking her enemy. Launches enemy airborne.

Down Special - Pudutaur dodges backwards and slams her Halberd down.

Jump Attack - Pudutaur swings her halberd in a 360 degree swing.

Jump Forward Attack - Pudutaur swings her halberd across while airborne.

Jump Backward Attack - Pudutaur kicks with her back legs behind her.

Jump Up Attack - Pudutaur slams her hilt upwards.

Jump Down Attack - Pudutaur slams the butt of her handle downwards.

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