♙The Warlock
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 70 (devs will lower to 60)
Voice actor Unknown

The Warlock is the main antagonist in the game. The old tale goes, a powerful warlock falls asleep underground, and he possessed so much power that his nightmares were able to take physical form and a whole underground world was born.

Background Edit


The Warlock, even when he was a boy, was always fascinated by magic and witchcraft. His first encounter with witchcraft was when his aunt failed in her craft. A Voladora assistant for a Warlock, she would morph into a bird to help deliver his messages. The spell required that she regurgitate her entrails to take the form of a bird and ingest them to return to human form. One night, though, she found her entrails partially devoured by a stray canine. This left her in a permanent half-bird, half-woman and all grotesque form. Realizing that she was performing dark arts, the Warlock's parents shunned her from their home and the young Warlock never saw her again. But it left a great mark on his young mind: he now knew witches and warlocks existed, and possessed unimaginable power.

His parents sensed his growing fascination of the dark arts and sought to stem that by removing all books in their home, except for a couple of encyclopedias and those of history or art. They had a no temper for when he would inquire of stories from guests or investigate for tomes in his uncle's strongbox. However, in one of the books he was allowed to read, it discussed the great violinist Paganini, and went as far as to say that no other violinist could match his talent. Paganini could even play marvelous notes after his strings broke, as if nothing had happened. It was rumored that Paganini had made a pact with devil to attain such virtuosity. The author of the book dismissed rumors, but this just fueled the curious Warlock's thirst for the occult. His parents allowed him to read European texts, for they thought these would 'just lead him down the wrong path.'

This is when the Warlock first started experiencing nightmares. His first was of a Bauta, a masked man forbidden to wield a blade. However, in his dream, the Bauta had a poison-tipped blade and the Warlock woke up to the cold tip of his dagger. At 17, the Warlock got his first opportunity to come into contact with his first warlock. He had heard that there was a Camaheuto in a neighboring town. Knowing the camaheuto and its horn held great power, especially for a warlock, the Warlock set out to find one.

He found the camaheuto, and snuck himself into a knoll where he could remain unseen but know the beast's presence. Days passed, and the Warlock became exhausted. When the Warlock finally went to see what happened, he found the camaheuto bound in a rape of seaweed and its magical horn sawn off. He tailed the warlock responsible through a deep forest, and they reached his lair. This mysterious warlock did not stay at his lair, and quickly left somewhere else. The Warlock, exhausted and hungry, took shelter.

The Warlock found many magical tools in the lair: cemetery dirt for cursing, lizards and ointments, and laying face open was one of the warlock's tomes., one of his conjures. He intended to steal it, but first he looked at the open page. It detailed the steps to the creation of an invunche. An invunche requires kidnapping or purchase of a newborn, which would then be fed only the milk of a black cat, and rotting flesh from cemetaries. The figure would eventually deform, and his leg would attach to his leg, preventing escape and forcing him to defend the warlock's lair.

The warlock returned with a newborn in his arms. Surprised, the young Warlock decided he needed to fight for his life. The warlock attacked him, grabbing a hot poker from the fire in the center of the cave. The Warlock managed to dodge it and push him into the flame, and he eventually perished. The Warlock took the baby and the tome and escaped. He came upon a fishing village, and the Janssen family there took him in. They dubbed him a hero for saving the baby, and this got him the attention of the family's most attractive daughter, Katrien. The Warlock decided to stay. Katrien's family descended from pirates, and while most are embarrassed to acknowledge this, Katrien embraced it, taking fencing as a hobby.

The tome the Warlock had stolen was greater than he had first thought. It would grant him the greatest powers bestowed upon warlocks, and without all the introductory preparation that comes from apprenticeship, like sacrificing and servitude. The tome allowed him to directly invoke the devil, and without having to sacrifice a loved one, was able to keep his talents a secret. Katrien stumbled upon the tome and discovered the Warlock's dark life. While sleeping, he has a nightmare, one in which a man on a pale horse visits him. He recognizes it as a warning, protecting him from imminent judgement. The Warlock follows Katrien to the local chapel, but the priest cast a spell by throwing salt into the fire, preventing him from entering. The Warlock decided he would need to make Katrien forget about his craft, for if she told, he would lose everything. He devised a spell using a certain root and human hair; he need only invoke her name to erase her memory of his sorcery.

But he apparently did something wrong, as after he cast the spell, Katrien did not wake up. The real world had once been his solace from the terrors of his dreams, but now, he wanted nothing more than to leave this world. He wanted only to sleep...forever.

The Warlock's journal ends there, and we can surmise what happens next.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Warlock strikes forward with his claw.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - After striking forward, he'll swipe around with his other claw.

Up Attack - Warlock punches his enemy upward.

Down Attack - Warlock claws at the ground and pulls himself forward into a slide. Potential to combo x2.

Neutral Special - Warlock lifts up his cloak and releases a stream of fish. Max combo of x7, likely potential of x4.

Up Special - Warlock jumps over his enemy and swipes downward in a wide-range strike.

Down Special - Warlock balances himself on his fists and kicks his enemy upward. Potential to combo x2.

Jump Attack - Warlock kicks straight in front of him.

Jump Forward Attack - Warlock slashes downward with his fist in a semi-circle. Can hit ground enemies.

Jump Backward Attack - Warlock turns around and kicks.

Jump Up Attack - Warlock rotates and does an over-the-head kick.

Jump Down Attack - Warlock straightens his legs as he falls.

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Trivia Edit

  • The warlock responds to characters differently when encountered.
  • He will greet Katrien with a calm and kind attitude while seeming calm and in control.
  • He will seem insane he will say 'I am infinite I am power itself' when encountered by the ghost monk who

will state that he (monk) is 'vengence come to take that power away'.

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