Undead Officer
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 1

The Undead Officer is a Nightmare variant of the Officer. Found as one of the most common enemies in the Abyss, as a playable character he is larger, stronger, and slower than the Officer but possesses an identical moveset.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A close-range swing of the spear.

Forward Attack - A forward jab with the spear.

Up Attack - An upward-diagonal stab.

Down Attack - The Undead Officer crouches and swings horizontally, leg-sweeping nearby enemies.

Neutral Special - A grenade toss. The trajectory and distance thrown can be increased by holding the special button.

Up Special - The Undead Officer twirls his spear around 360 degrees.

Down Special - A circular ground sweep.

Jump Attack - A downward slam of the hilt.

Jump Forward Attack - The Undead Officer lunges forward in the air, swinging his spear.

Jump Backward Attack - The Undead Officer kicks behind him.

Jump Up Attack - A 180 degree swing above the head.

Jump Down Attack - The Undead Officer slams his spear downward, increasing his fall speed and hitting enemies below him with the bottom of his spear.

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