Verbum Dei
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 40

Verbum Dei is a mini-boss found in the Abyss. Predominantly found in the Santa Lucia and Pocuro Park routes (easy and moderate route, respectively), his room shows up on the map with a devil skull. He is found in an inescapable pocket, much like the Shadow Characters, and must be defeated to reach the exit. Upon his first defeat he will drop a new special ability for one of the three main characters.

Background Edit

The following is the passage from the Warlock's journal:

"A pale horse stood before me, its rider a judge and warlord. His eyes blazed with a fire and on his head he wore many crowns. His robes were dipped in blood, and from his mouth emerged a sharp blade... He killed without mercy, and the birds grew fat on the flesh of his victims."

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A downward roundhouse punch.

Forward Attack - Verbum Dei propels his sword forward in a downward-diagonal low-strike.

Up Attack - Swings his levitating sword up and then down. Potential to combo x2)

Down Attack - While crouching, Verbum Dei swings his sword across.

Neutral Special - Verbum Dei summons his steed, and if the move finishes, the steed will gallop across the whole fight path. Unblockable. No cooldown.

Up Special - Verbum Dei strikes in front and above his head. For use with air-juggled enemies.

Down Special - Verbum Dei slams down on the ground with his foot, releasing a 360 degree concussive shockwave.

Jump Attack - Verbum Dei swings his sword below him.

Jump Forward Attack - Verbum Dei will shoot his sword all the way down to the ground downward-diagonally.

Jump Backward Attack - Verbum Dei kicks behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Verbum Dei throws his fists above his head.

Jump Down Attack - As he's falling, Verbum Dei will bend his knees in a direct downward strike.

Tactics Edit

Trivia Edit

-Verbum Dei resembles Jesus Christ glorified as is described in the Bible, in the book of Revelations chapter 1 and in Revelations 19:11-21

-He wears typical Mapuche silversmith's in his belt.

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