Appearances Abyss Odyssey

The Voladora is a witch, often one who acts as a Warlock's servant and messenger. To deliver his messages, the Voladora would take the form of a bird. For a Voladora to shapeshift into a bird, she must first regurgitate her entrails into a bowl or other hidden place. She does so carefully, that she might later ingest them and revert back to her humanly form. The Warlock remarks the misfortune a Voladora may face having to assume a bird's form for all eternity. However, his Aunt face a far worse fate. After finishing her duties, she discovered her entrails partially eaten by a stray canine, and she was condemned into the half-bird half-woman form we see damned in the Abyss.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Voladora kicks her foot in a low strike.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - After kicking with one foot, she follows up with the other.

Forward Attack - Voladora stabs with her elongated beak.

Up Attack - Voladora strikes upward with her beak, sending her enemies off their feet.

Down Attack - While crouching, Voladora stabs with her beak in a low strike.

Neutral Special - Voladora will get close to the ground and torpedo herself at her enemy.

Up Special - Voladora spins and kicks her enemy up and off their feet.

Down Special - Voladora rolls onto her back and launches herself feet first at her enemy.

Jump Attack - While airborne, Voladora shifts her weight to body slam an opponent.

Jump Forward Attack - Voladora stabs her beak backwards.

Jump Backward Attack - Voladora spins and swings her beak in a downward spin.

Jump Up Attack - Voladora pauses and shoots her beak upward-and diagonally.

Jump Down Attack - Voladora straightens her legs and prepares to land on her enemy.

Trivia Edit

  • The Voladora is the only character without any real arms.

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