Wood Golem
Wood golem
Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Moveset Edit

*Note: Being one of the golems, Stone Golem's moves do more damage and are specially equipped to break blocks.

Neutral Attack - The Wood Golem slaps his enemy.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - The Wood Golem slaps his enemy once and then with the other hand.

Forward Attack - The Wood Golem slam-punches his enemy, knocking them a good distance.

Up Attack - A very close-range upwards slap.

Down Attack - Wood Golem crouches and slams his opponent down. Potential to combo x2.

Unique Grab - Stone Golem grabs his opponent and slams down before bouncing them upwards.

Neutral Special - Initiates a grab-sprint. Wood Golem will spring into the enemy, grab them and then toss them into the air. Potential to combo x4.

Up Special - Wood Golem will swing his fist back and forth. Potential to combo x4.

Down Special - An unblockable roll.

Jump Attack - While airborne, Wood Golem curls up into a ball and rolls downward.

Jump Forward Attack - Wood Golem slashes forward.

Jump Backward Attack - Wood Golem kicks behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Wood Golem swats above him.

Jump Down Attack - Wood Golem pauses fall to form a straight-downward kick.

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